Friday, July 18, 2008

Log for Life wins top honor in Diabetes Mine design contest

According to the American Diabetes Association approximately 20.8 million individuals (7% of the population) in the United States have diabetes, of which nearly 6.2 million are unaware that they have the disease.  Now Greenville S.C. based software and application developer Gnoso hopes to help people manage their diabetes with the launch of their Log for Life online application.

 Log for Life will allow individuals with diabetes to log important information regarding their disease; such as blood glucose levels, carb intakes, medications taken and time spent exercising.  Users will be able to log their information directly through the web, by email or text messeges, or over an iPhone using a custom web interface. 

 The idea for developing Log for Life came about while Gnoso Developer Ethan Mullis, who has been a Type 1 Diabetes for 11 years, was looking for a solution for logging his diabetes information.  Unsatisfied with the interfaces and features of several existing products the company decided to try and create an application that would provide greater integration and more seamless data entry.

 Though Log for Life is currently in private testing phase (it aims for public launch later this summer) it has already received positive praise. The software recently received top honors in the 2nd Annual DiabetesMine Design Challenge. DiabetesMine is a weblog that focuses on the daily struggles of living with diabetes and its annual Design Challenge competition encourages innovation in the development of tools to help improve life with the disease. 

 ”We’re excited to have won the DiabetesMine Design Challenge, and have also enjoyed the interest that our product has received because of that honor,” said Alan Johnson, Log for Life’s lead software engineer. “We’ve received a lot of positive feedback on the software, including many people asking for us to release the software as soon as possible.”

 To find out more visit where you can view the Log for Life DiabetesMine Design challenge video contest entry.