Thursday, November 6, 2008

No More Waiting Lists and Great New Features

In the past few days we've rolled out several new features for Log for Life.

We're proud to announce that Log for Life is now in open beta. That means no more waiting lists and much easier signup for loved ones that want to share your log with you.

We gave the site a facelift. You'll notice simpler navigation on the site and much better looking settings pages. You probably won't notice quite a few finer details that we changed, but things like better looking graphs and improved spacing in the pages are there too.

Anyone who wants to can now add multiple logs to their account. We're seeing lots of families with multiple diabetics, and we wanted to make sure they could log for those in their family that might not be able to log for themselves. Multiple logs mean that parents can log for their young children as well as themselves, or that people can log for their elderly parents.

One of the biggest requests that came out of our initial beta was for some sort of data export. We've now made CSV data for your log available on the analysis page. Now users can slice and dice their data however they want. If you have some analysis techniques that you're using that you would like to see in Log for Life, let us know about them.

Speaking of analysis mode, we've got two great new additions. First, we've added standard deviations for glucose numbers. Also, you can now choose your date range for analysis rather than being limited to one month.

One last change we made was to reorder the add entry form. We now have carb entry before medication entry, because users reported that they tend to think about them in that order.

We're working hard to make Log for Life a product that will keep you logging for life. We're learning a lot about how different people manage their diabetes, and would love to know how you manage yours. Let let us know how you log by commenting on the blog or emailing us at