Wednesday, June 24, 2009

The Road To Launch: High Blood Glucose Indicators

It's been almost a year since our beta release of Log for Life, and in the past year we've been patiently gathering data about what you, our users, need out of a great diabetes logging tool. Well, we're finished waiting and have started putting the finishing touches onto Log for Life for its full launch.

We'll be rolling out a few enhancements in the upcoming weeks as we prepare for launch, and today we're releasing our first such improvement, high blood glucose indicators on the graphs. So now, when you have an extremely high blood glucose number, you'll see a red arrow indicating that the point is off of the graph.

Like any point on the graph, you can mouse over a high blood glucose indicator to see more information, like what your number was at that point and the exact time for the entry.

Make sure and follow our blog and our Twitter account (logforlife) for more details as we release new features leading up to our full launch.