Thursday, January 21, 2010

What Motivates Us: Simple, Well-Designed Diabetes Management

Earlier this week, blogger Nic Reade wrote a wonderful review of Log for Life on her blog, BeingDiabetic. To say our team was delighted to see such a post would be an understatement. Nic completely nailed why we created Log for Life.

We want maintaining a blood sugar log to be as quick and easy as possible.

From thinking through every aspect of our design to prioritizing speed of entry, Log for Life is a labor to actually minimize the time you spend with it. We want diabetes logging to be a part of your life - not be your life. While logging blood sugar levels, food/carb intake, medications and exercise can be a hassle, it does drastically improves your ability to manage your diabetes. We strive to encourage the habit through simple, well-designed software.

This is what drives us. The features we are planning for Log for Life are aimed at minimizing the time you need to spend analyzing and thinking about diabetes.

Also, you should really check out Nic's blog. She's written some great content there, particularly her posts on being pregnant while having Type 1 diabetes.

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Nic@BeingDiabetic said...

Thanks for the mention, guys! Log for Life is still spinning my wheels - keep up the great work. Nic